You CAN Run!

You CAN Run! is a 12 week programme for Absolute Beginners and people who think they can’t run.

5 years ago I could not run for 30 seconds, I got breathless walking up the stairs. Now I run an award winning run group in Sawtry, near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. I am a long way off from being the fastest or the fittest in the group but I am out running 3 times every week and this is helping me keep my weight off.

Many of my runners, never in a million years, thought of themselves as an athlete but they now love their run sessions. Results include weight loss, fat loss, reduced blood pressure, relief from asthma symptoms, a reduction in mental health medication and generally just feeling better about life.

For those who can’t make it to Sawtry, I have now recreated the programme I use with my Absolute Beginners to support non-runners online.

My You CAN Run! programme will get you running for 25 continuous minutes in 12 weeks. From there you can build up to 5k and beyond.

If Couch To 5K has defeated you or you think running is beyond your capabilities, this is the programme for you.

You can download a free copy of the You CAN Run! programme over at my sister site You can also join my free pop up support group which starts on 30 September 2018 to get tips, support and motivation which could have running 5k by Christmas.

It’s all free, you have nothing to lose except weight! So come and give it a go – your future self will be glad you did x