Who is FATnosis for?

FATnosis is for those who will welcome a tailored and supportive but straight talking mindset and motivation weight loss solution. It is for those who know what they should eat to manage their weight but require help to build their willpower and resist those urges to overeat. It is not a nutrition based programme; its focus is on helping you change your habits and behaviours so that you lose weight and manage it for the long haul.

There are more details on the VIP page but if you want to ask any specific questions before committing, please feel free to book a 15 minute complimentary consultation that will allow us to discuss together how FATnosis can help you. During this chat I will:-

    • Explain how FATnosis works and who it is for.
    • Take time to understand your needs in detail to check FATnosis is the best model for you.
    • Give you an understanding of how I will support you.
    • Allow you time to ask questions about how it will help you lose and manage your weight
    • Explain the next steps.

Email me at nononsesenona@gmail.com for more details