3 week Springboard to Slim


Are You In Need Of An Immediate Support To Help Get Your Mindset And Motivation In The Right Place?

Do You Need Someone To Help Kickstart Your Weight Loss?

Would You Benefit From Someone Leading You For A Few Weeks To Get On Track To Lose Weight?


The 3 Weeks Springboard To Slim Programme is for you if you are seeking support to:-

1. Click the ignition to get your Mindset and Motivation in the right place to lose weight.

2. Make the immediate changes needed to implement the success habits to lose weight.

3. Implement a regime that increases your will power and helps you sustain the weight loss needed.


What You Will Receive

We will work closely together over three weeks with me as your cheer leader, straight talker, mind programmer and motivator. In many ways I will become a new best friend that tells you the truth and champions your mindset and motivation to lose and manage your weight safely.

FATnosis is about being positive, honest and proactive about your weight loss.


Who Is FATnosis ‘Springboard To Slim’ For?

FATnosis Springboard For Slim is for those who will welcome a straight talking and supportive mindset and motivation weight loss solution. It is for those who know what they should eat to manage their weight but require a combination of mind programming, straight talking motivation and a practical meal planning solution. FATnosis is not a nutrition based programme; its focus is on helping you change your habits and behaviours so that you lose weight and manage it for the long haul.

The FATnosis ‘Springboard To Slim’ is aimed at those people who would welcome an initial support to help increase their motivation, get them into the right  mindset and build a new routine so that they can then continue on to lose the unwanted weight. It’s the VIP programme in a 3 week blast.


Your Investment

Your three week programme fee is £225

This will include the full support programme running over the three week period to help you immediately start losing and managing your weight into the future.

To book or to find out more, please email me at weightlosswithnona@gmail.com