90 day Lifestyle Changer


This 90 Day Lifestyle Changer will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Successful and healthy weight loss is not a quick fix, it’s about long term lifestyle change and this is exactly what this programme will help you to achieve.

You decide on your 90 day goals and I provide the motivation and support to help you achieve those goals.


You will need to choose 3 goals, they may be:

  • To shop for clothes two sizes smaller;
  • To not feel like hiding when the camera comes out;
  • To finally slim into that outfit you bought for that very purpose;
  • To lose two stone;
  • To not automatically choose black as your go to wardrobe colour;
  • To run 5k;
  • To feel confident in your swimsuit or bikini;
  • To get off obesity related medication;
  • To look slimmer in your wedding photos;
  • To get into a gorgeous outfit for a special event;
  • To have the confidence to do more with you life;
  • To not feel everyone is judging you because of your size;
  • To be a great role model for your children;
  • To get back to the size you were when you met your partner or to have the confidence to meet a new partner.


You tell me your goals and together we work to achieve them.  This programme is about more than just losing weight. It will increase your confidence and make you feel brighter, lighter and healthier. Over the 90 days we will meet at least once a week via Skype and stay in daily text contact to keep your motivation high and keep you on track to become a slimmer, healthier and more confident you.


How much will this cost?

The fee for my daily support for 90 days is just £90 payable by bank transfer or Paypal invoice.

What do you want to achieve in 90 days?

To book, please email me at weightlosswithnona@gmail.com.