6 Week FATnosis VIP Weight Loss Programme


FATnosis will help you lose weight and more importantly, keep it off. FATnosis uses a combination of advanced hypnotherapy techniques, motivational support and the 80/20 meal planning system. It is not a diet and it is not a one size fits all programme. It will be tailored to you, your lifestyle and your goals.

FATnosis is regularly featured in the media and was¬†developed by renowned weight loss expert and clinical hypnotherapist Steve Miller who you may have seen on TV encouraging people to ‘lose that lard’ in his Sky TV series Fat Families. The tone of the programme is strong. FATnosis will not be suitable for everyone. I only work with clients who are ready to fully commit to achieving their weight loss goals.


What You Will Receive

We will work closely together over six Skype sessions with text support in between to get your head in the game – and most importantly, keep it there.

FATnosis is a dynamic programme. We will smash through the excuses and habits which are keeping you fat. By the end the programme you will be well on your way to an amazing life of slim.

Every session will be structured to get results for you and together we will help you develop what most people call willpower and get you to your goal.


Working together you will receive:-

Face to face weekly sessions via Skype.

Daily text support in between sessions to help ensure you are keep focused every day.

Meal planning support using the 80-20 meal planning system.

Motivational coaching to help drive and elevate your desire to lose weight safely.

Mind programming to help get you into the right frame of mind for long term weight loss.


Your Investment

The programme is designed for those of you who are serious about losing weight and have spent too many years and too much money trying different diets only to end up heavier than when you started. It is a serious commitment to you and your health and this is reflected in the one-off fee of £397.

This fee includes the full support programme running over the six week period to help you immediately start losing and managing your weight into the future.

Payment is by bank transfer or I can send you a Paypal invoice to securely pay in full with a credit or debit card.


FATnosis – hates fat, loves you.