About Nona

I spent most of my life obese. I was a chubby child who turned into a fat adult. I attended my first Weight Watchers class at just aged 18 and looking back, I wasn’t actually that fat then but, as a result of focusing on diets and diet products, I just got bigger and not smaller. Numerous attempts at Weight Watchers and  Slimming World later, I was a size 22 and around 18 stone.

Quite how it took me so long to work out that diets were not working, I do not know. ‘Going back to Slimming World’ somehow felt comforting and yes I would lose weight but it always came back and, with extra fat for company.

I then met Steve Miller from Sky TV’s Fat Families and with his help, I started to understand that weight loss was actually simple. Sure, if you want to be a size 6 or have the body fat of a highly trained athlete then there is more to it. But, for most of us, we just want to fit into nicer clothes and look good in photos. Shallow maybe, but ultimately that is most people’s not so fat bottom line.

So enthused was I by how simple weight loss had suddenly become after years of yoyo dieting, I signed up to be personally trained by Steve to deliver FATnosis and am now one of his limited number of Licensed Practitioners.

I love seeing the results in my clients and in addition to the 6 week FATnosis programme, I now offer bitesize sessions in the form of Be Accountable.

To put the icing on the cake, I also qualified as an England Athletic Run Leader and created the You CAN Run! programme which is the non-runners guide to running for fun, fitness and weight loss.  I was the girl who was always left standing when teams were being picked for school sports but after losing weight, I am now a multi award winning run leader and have helped over 100 non-runners of all ages, shapes and sizes to start running regularly and keep weight off.

If I can lose weight and learn to run in my 50s, so can you. And whats more, you will love how it feels!