About Nona


I spent most of my life in the obese category. I was a chubby child who turned into a fat adult. I attended my first Weight Watchers class at just aged 18 and looking back, I wasn’t actually that fat then but, as a result of focusing on diets and diet products, I just got bigger and not smaller. Numerous attempts at Weight Watchers and  Slimming World later, I was a size 22 and around 18 stone.

Quite how it took me so long to work out that diets were not working, I do not know. ‘Going back to Slimming World’ somehow felt comforting and yes I would lose weight but it always came back and, with extra fat for company.

I then met Steve Miller. I had watched his Sky TV Fat Families programmes and liked his no b-s attitude to weight loss. He was right, weight loss should be simple. When did it become so complicated? Yes we can fine tune the macros and nutrients but ultimately, for most people, its a matter of calories in, calories out. What Steve really taught me was that losing and keeping weight off was about mindset and the control we have over food.  And he is absolutely right!

Having worked with Steve to lose my own weight, I was then fortunate enough to be personally trained by him to deliver his groundbreaking FATnosis programme. I am now one of his select Licensed Practitioners and have since gone on to develop my own programme, Be Accountable,  which combines some of the hypnotherapy based techniques I learnt from Steve together with motivation and support developed from my own client feedback and further research.

In addition, I created my You CAN Run! programme which is the non-runners guide to running for fun, fitness and weight loss.  I was the girl who was always left standing when teams were being picked for school sports but after losing weight, I now run an award winning run group for beginners and have helped over 100 non-runners of all ages, shapes and sizes to start running regularly.

Since discovering successful weight loss is about mindset:

  • * I maintain at around 6 stone lighter than at my heaviest in 2008
  • * My wardrobe is full of size12s and 14s instead of dark, shapeless size 22s.
  • * I look forward to dressing up for special events
  • * I enjoy having my photo taken with family and friends
  • * I don’t sit on the sofa stuffing my face in the evenings
  • * My resting heart rate reduced to 50bpm from 80bpm
  • * My visceral fat (the dangerous stuff around our tummies) is well within normal range
  • * I increased my energy levels
  • * I found out that I could run (not fast, but gone are the days of getting breathless walking up the stairs!)
  • * I don’t give a monkeys that I am still BMI overweight, I am not obese, I am fit, healthy and happy.

In short, I no longer diet or obsess about food, I just crack on with enjoying my life and my freedom from calorie/point/syn obsession. It’s just how life should be and I am now totally obsessed with helping others feel this amazing because I know, only too well, how being so overweight can damage you physically and mentally. There is light at the end of the tunnel, let me help you find it and shine x