About Nona


I spent most of my life carrying too much weight. I was a chubby child who turned into a fat adult. I attended my first Weight Watchers class at just aged 18 and looking back, I wasn’t actually that fat then but, as a result of focusing on diets and diet products, I just got fatter. Numerous attempts at Slimming World later, I was a size 22 and around 18 stone. But now, having left those diet clubs and church halls behind, I┬ánow easily and consistently keep my weight around the 12 stone mark and wear size 12s and 14s. I’m not tiny but I don’t believe we have to be. We just need to find our own happy and healthy weight.

Additionally, after a lifetime of avoiding running or in fact any cardio, I now run three times per week. I qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness with England Athletics and set up my own running group in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire for those who think they can’t run. The group now has nearly 200 members meeting 3 times a week – not bad for the girl who was always picked last for school sports teams!

Sadly, it took me until my late 40s to realise that losing weight isn’t about the food. It’s about the mindset. Willpower as some people call it. Learn to take control of food and exercise and the weight comes off and stays off.

Since getting my head in the right place:

* I’m around 6 stone lighter than at my heaviest in 2008

* My wardrobe is full of sexy and colourful size12s and 14s instead of dark, shapeless size 22s and I no longer stress about what to wear

* I no longer dodge photographers

* My confidence has increased

* I reduced my resting heart rate to 50bpm from 80bpm

* I brought my visceral fat (the dangerous stuff around our bellies) well within the normal range

* I increased my energy levels

* My husband found a new woman – a new me!

* I found out that I could run (not fast, but gone are the days of getting breathless walking up the stairs!)

In short, I no longer diet or obsess about food, I just crack on with enjoying my life and my freedom from calorie/point/syn obsession. It’s just how life should be!