A lot can happen in a year

A lot can happen in a year

Where do you want to be this time next year?

Wherever it is, you need to be working on it right now. Not tomorrow, next Monday or when the New Year comes, but now.

I am never surprised at the amount of people who put off healthy eating until the New Year. It is as if they think that what they eat in December, somehow won’t count or that they will be so good from the moment their January New Years Resolution kicks in, they will just be able to ‘get on track’ and make their excess fat disappear. Those people are pretty much guaranteed to fail as healthy weight loss is about developing a healthy mindset for every day and not about dieting in the first few weeks of January.

In 2015 (pictured), I made the decision to change my mindset. I loved the results so much, I trained to learn how to change other peoples mindsets. In 2017, I decided to do a Leadership in Running Fitness qualification to encourage people who would not normally consider running to start running. Just over a year after my first session, I won Community Volunteer of the Year at the Cambridgeshire Living Sports awards. That is some journey and one that if I can do, you can too with the right mindset!

Diets will not work on your mindset. They concentrate on food. It matters not what food you eat but how you think about food and how you exercise control over what you put in your mouth. If you genuinely want to lose weight for good, talk to me about a free consultation to see what I can do for you because seriously, if I can, you can!



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