A simple cheese swap

A simple cheese swap

I love cheese! In fact, it is probably in my top 3 foods of all time and something I would never give up.

A lot of diets encourage you to avoid it but the reality is that it is a good source of calcium (for healthy bones), protein (to build and repair the body) and it also has Vitamin D (helps to get the calcium into the bones).

If, like me, you are a bit of a cheese fiend, one simple swap is to use pre-grated parmesan on your spaghetti bolognese instead of cheddar.

Parmesan has probably the highest protein content of all cheese and because it tastes so strong, you only need a little sprinkle on your bolognese. So, instead of adding around 250 calories of cheddar to your meal, with parmesan you are only adding around 7 calories per tea spoon.

Making that one small change just once a week could see you achieve a loss of about 4 pound over a year.

Now that is an easy win!


Wyron A

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