An amazing opportunity for weight loss transformation

An amazing opportunity for weight loss transformation

So, as promised…I am very excited about changing the lives of 3 new people. If you want to be one of those and enjoy your own weightloss transformation please email me at with:

1. your top 3 reasons for wanting to lose weight
2. up to 3 reasons why you are overweight
3. a max of 150 words on why you are ready for this challenge.

Please also provide your current weight, how much you realistically would like to lose in 6 weeks and your ideal target weight for the future.

Remember this is being offered for FREE so there is no cost to you BUT I will expect you to give it 100% and like my paying clients, if you do not lose weight in any one week, its game over. So, if you are serious about losing your excess weight, get emailing! Closing date is next Wednesday, 1 August 2018.

A new month, a new lifestyle, a new you!

*Next FREE challenge in November



Austin Chan



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