How to lose 17 pound with no effort at all!

How to lose 17 pound with no effort at all!

I was catching up with one of my clients this week who lost almost 3 stone during her 6 week FATnosis programme last year. She has maintained that loss and now wants to lose a bit more.

We were talking ice cream. Magnums being her 20% at his time of year.

Let’s say she eats one a day as her 20%. My Fitness Pal logs the calories in a Magnum as around 250. If she swapped her Magnum to an equally delicious and arguably more refreshing Fab or a home made fruit ice pop, that is a calorific saving of around 170 calories a day. Over a year that adds up to a loss of 17 pounds.

That’s a huge amount of potential weight loss for no effort at all. That’s how easy weight loss can be when you eat 80/20 and keep your mindset in the game x


Jennifer Pallian

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