Do you hide from the camera?

Do you hide from the camera?

Do you like how you look in photos? If not, then you need to learn to use those fat photos to help motivate you to lose your extra weight and be proud of your reflection.

How rubbish is it that you want to hide whenever a camera comes out to capture a good time or a special moment with family and friends? You have probably missed out on photos with your children or grandchildren. Or perhaps not captured some amazing moments in you life.¬†Or maybe you’ve seen yourself in a photograph and wanted to curl up and hide away from the world.

Fat photos can be depressing. But the great news is that you can use those fat photos to help motivate you to lose your excess weight. My FATnosis programme uses an effective combination of carrot and stick motivation. The two types of motivation combined really help catapult your motivation levels to fire you along to where you want to be.

One technique I use in my 1-2-1 sessions is to ask my clients to hold their fat photo in their dominant hand. I ask them to explain to me how they feel about the photo. I encourage them to get raw with their emotions, to really tune in to their pain. Once they are focused on the negatives of fat, I ask them to close their eyes and I take them through some mind programming and take them to a place where their fat is history and where they walk tall and proud having taken control of food and their weight. The new place is a happy place and one where they will reach and enjoy. Don’t you want to go there too?



Abigail Keenan


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