Not too fat to run

Not too fat to run

I am a great advocate of running. I avoided running for over 40 years and so completely understand why people carrying extra weight have an immediate aversion to the thought of running. However, I am now a runner. This doesn’t mean I am fast or will win any races anytime soon but I run 3 times a week at my own non-walking pace.

Last year I qualified as a Leader in Running Fitness and set up a beginners running group. Through that group, I have taken over 100 people from barely being able to run for 30 seconds to running their first 5k. These people have ranged in age from teenagers to people of retirement age.

I absolutely believe that if you can walk, you can run. And you need to believe it too!

Unless your medical professional advises against running, no-one is too fat to start trying to run.

Its not easy in the beginning and its not easy whenever you are improving or pushing for a new target but if you are prepared to put in the effort and build up slowly, you can be running 5k three times a week within just 3 – 6 months.

You can then either work up to 10k or simply enjoy the freedom, sense of achievement and much improved physical and mental health.

Running – it is for everyone!












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  • Please could I have a copy of the free running guide for beginners I’ve always wanted to run but don’t know how to start really.

    Thank you

    • Hi Rebecca and yes of course. If you email me at, I’ll send you a copy of the Absolute Beginners Programme. You just need to commit to going out 3 times a week and then within 12 weeks you will be running for 25 minutes non-stop! Trust me x

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