Have we normalised unhealthy Lifestyles?

Have we normalised unhealthy Lifestyles?

There was a very interesting programme on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live with the founder of FATnosis, weight loss expert and hypnotherapist Steve Miller.

Steve was appearing on a panel with Dr Sara Kayat, plus size model Felicity Hayward and food critic Jack Munroe to discuss if we have normalised unhealthy lifestyles.

The debate was around a new piece of research from the University of East Anglia which found that the plus size fashion market was contributing to the normalisation of unhealthy lifestyle choice.

Not surprisingly, Felicity was defending the plus size ‘body positivity’ movement and to be fair, 5 years ago that was exactly what I would have been doing. However, give me a choice as to whether I’d prefer to be my current weight or the 5 stone heavier person from 5 years ago, I’d choose my current weight. All day long. Who honestly wouldn’t?

I am all for empowering people but I think empowerment should come from achieving goals and finding true confidence and not just deciding to be fat and proud and living with fake confidence. There is merit in the term Fake It till you Make It. However, the Make It part is just as important, if not more so, than the Fake It part. Faking without Making is not a good place to be long term.

I think my point is that yes people should absolutely love themselves but that shouldn’t equate to loving being covered in fat. We have one life, one body and we need to look after our body so we can make the most of our life. Being very overweight is restrictive mentally and physically. You deserve better for yourself and your loved ones.

If you want to watch the debate you can do so on catch up:

Steve Miller on the BBC





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