Are your habits fat or slim?

Are your habits fat or slim?

I have been really busy with clients and really busy with my run group.

Busy can be good for weight loss or it can be bad. You can either be so busy with whatever you are doing that you do that slim person thing and forget to eat until your tummy reminds you that you are hungry or you can do the overweight person thing and just keep mindlessly grabbing at food.

This is where FATnosis comes into its own as the programme is all about changing your mindset. If you are overweight, put simply you don’t control your eating. If you are slim, you do.

For most slim people, they don’t have to try as they simply don’t have FAT HABITs. Their mind is healthy and their habits and body follow. Slim people want to eat healthily, they do not want to load their body with stodge and fat or eat unlimited amounts of ‘free’ food. This is where you want to be and this is where FATnosis takes you. Why not jump on board and learn to think slim and so be slim.



Katja Grasinger

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