There is always an option to move more

There is always an option to move more

On my recent trip to New York, I knew I would be too busy doing stuff with my family to fit in a run.

However, that is no excuse to slack off and so instead of running I made sure to walk instead of hopping on the Metro or hailing a yellow taxi.

I also took a bike tour round Central Park – what a beautiful place.

I covered over 15k steps every day and so got in plenty of exercise. However I still managed to put on weight as we ate out all the time. Proof, as if it were needed, that you cannot out exercise a bad diet.

But you know what, holiday weight gain is easy but then so is getting it back off again when you get home – as long as you leave the holiday habits behind. Most overweight people eat like they are on holiday all year round – that is what causes obesity, not eating badly for 2 weeks out of 52 each year.


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