Running a 10K

Running a 10K

Running for 30 seconds was beyond me in 2015.

Fast forward to 2018 and I have just completed my first 10k race of the year. Now I am not fast by any stretch but I always set out to not walk any part of it. There were people walk/running who finished ahead of me but for me, its important to not walk.

Running the entire 10K even though, as the pic shows, I clearly found it super difficult towards the end, helps me know that I can achieve and I can push myself beyond my comfort zone.

If I hadn’t lost 5 stone, I still wouldn’t be able to run an entire 10k. There are two reasons for that, one physical in that I would just have too much bulk to drag around and one mental as I know I have finally cracked my life long weight problem and that pretty much helps me to believe I can achieve anything!

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