Make friends with apples

Make friends with apples

I am often asked how to stop eating sugar snacks. FATnosis uses many techniques including the Stop, Look, Listen to change mindset but for a very practical solution, try apples.

I got used to eating mid morning snacks at school after the introduction of a tuck shop. Most of working life, I’d pop out around 11 or have a nose in the snack van. Crisps, chocolate and something for lunch which generally got eaten before lunch, meaning more lunch would be brought and eaten. Greedy compulsive habits.

However with my change of mindset, I shed those poor habits.

I now carry an apple in my bag. If I fancy a snack, I either eat the apple or look at it and realise I can’t be that hungry as I don’t fancy it and so I just move on with my day.





Holly Mindrup

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