Obesity and running

Obesity and running

These days I am more overweight than obese but even when my BMI was in the obese category, I still had a go at running.

My Parkrun 5k time was 46 mins and I walked/ran the course. These days I am down to 35 mins and run the entire 5k. I’m sure if my weight was ‘normal’, I’d be faster. However, my resting heart rate is around 50bpm and I have no health issues so that is good enough for me.

You should not let your weight put you off from starting to run as a) if you can walk, you can run and b) running can help you lose weight and it will help you maintain a loss – something which diets rarely do given that only 5% of people who lose weight keep it off.

So don’t wait to lose weight to get running and never be ashamed of your body if you are doing something to make it healthier.

Just flipping get out there and do it! Like me and run group do 3 times every week.

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