The joy of running

The joy of running

Never once in my first 40 odd years of life did I even think about loving running. Yet now, I love to run and love to help others find the joy of running through my group Sawtry Walk To Run.

After losing 5 stone, I trained as a Leader in Running Fitness with England Athletics and armed with this qualification, I set up a Run Together group in my village. We go out 3 times per week and now have 3 groups: A beginners group following a None To Run programme, a 10K Plus group who started with a C25K programme in October 2017 and a 5k to 10k group who started the None To Run in October 2017. The None To Run starts with 30 second runs and from there builds up over 12 weeks to 25 minutes of running.

Last week, both the current None To Runs and those who completed the None to Run programme last month joined me and some of our more experienced runners at my local Parkrun. As a group, we clocked up 8 First Time runs and 7 Personal Bests. My experienced group supported the newer runners and all completed the entire 5k with times ranging from 28 minutes to 53 minutes.

We all thoroughly deserved our post-run hot chocolate and cake!

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  • Thanks for the information, excellent article! I always advocate healthy, natural measures first. I needed help though and finally found a program that was easy to follow and made sense. Anyway, great post! Good luck to everyone on their own journeys

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