Losing weight can reduce your risk of cancer

Losing weight can reduce your risk of cancer

Many people who have lost a lot of weight, love the fact they can just look better and have a better choice of clothes to wear.

However, there are more serious benefits to weight loss including, according to Cancer Research UK, a reduced risk of cancer.

The sobering fact is that obesity is second only to smoking as being a cause of cancer. So much focus has been on smoking over the years but less focus on obesity. Its almost a subject we are afraid to talk about in fear of offending people. According to Cancer Research UK, a study revealed that only 15% of people were aware of the link between obesity and cancer.

As a society, many steps including the 2007 smoking ban have been taken to ostracise smokers in an effort to reduce the numbers of people smoking. Yet we continue to be more fearful of addressing obesity in the same direct manner. Is it time to do more and take a cruel to be kind approach to obesity?



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