So many diets! Can you see the wood for the trees?

So many diets! Can you see the wood for the trees?

The diet industry is massive. It is reported that it is worth around £2bn in the UK alone and £220bn globally.

This is great news for diet companies and diet manufacturers but is it good news for the consumer? Given that every day on slimming forums I read the words “I am going back to [insert the name of any slimming company or product] again”, it would appear not.

Now I am not judging as I did it for years. I went to a weight loss class, lost weight, stopped going, put the weight back on and signed up again because “it worked”. Quite why it took me, an intelligent human, so long to realise that it hadn’t worked and I was just rejoining for more short term success and longer term failure, I don’t know – I can’t answer that but boy am I glad I found FATnosis and have kept the weight off as life without diets is so much more fun!


Valeriy Andrushko






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