Why not give up dieting for Lent?

Why not give up dieting for Lent?

I’m not a religious person but Lent is a good opportunity to challenge yourself and give something up in the lead up to Easter.

Many people choose to give up chocolate or alcohol, but at FATnosis we do not advocate giving up any foods as FATnosis is not a diet and no food is bad or banned.

The 80/20 system encourages 3 meals, limited snacks and smaller portions. It allows for 20% of your intake to be for a little bit of what you fancy, whether that be wine, chocolate, or anything else which doesn’t fall in the 80 camp. It is this approach plus the motivation and mindset programming techniques which means FATnosis works, and works for the long term.

So, instead of giving up something you love in the run up to Easter, why not book yourself some FATnosis sessions and give up the diets and dieting and ensure you are feeling as cute and adorable as the Easter Bunny!


Waranya Mooldee

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