Traditional diet v FATnosis

Traditional diet v FATnosis
Common question in a traditional weight loss group – “I am going to Mcdonalds this weekend with my children, I’m scared to ruin all my good work from following my diet, what can I eat?”
Now a) why does a sensible adult feel the need to ask other people what they can eat? It’s not rocket science. Just eat what you like but in moderation, just like naturally slim people do day in day out and b) why would one single solitary meal out ruin anything? That is such a dreary, depressing and destructive diet mentality.
On FATnosis, we rarely talk food as eating healthily is common sense. We are adults, we have Google if we really want to know any nutritional specifics. The real issue for people who are overweight is not how many calories there are in a Big Mac – its about how to control overeating. And it is this control which is the focus of FATnosis and why FATnosis works long term and depressing diets don’t.

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