Dogs and treadmills don’t mix!

Dogs and treadmills don’t mix!

So, I am coming to the end of Week 10, Day 2 of my 5k to 10k App. I finish the final 10 minute run and slow the treadmill down to 5.2kph for a cool down walk. Out of nowhere, one of my dogs must think the treadmill is stopping and she jumps on, promptly falls down and rolls off the end almost taking me out! Fortunately I was able to use the handles to get my feet out of her way so I too didn’t end up in a heap.

It wouldn’t have been pretty if I had have gone over but our Ethel is a staffy and so by nature, pretty robust. She just got up, got a cuddle off hubby and happily went out for her walk with brother Stan while I got over the shock and finished my session. 8.7km in 70 mins.

Will I break my 10k PB of 1.15.38 in my next race?


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