Portion sizes & Free Food

Portion sizes & Free Food

My personal experience of Slimming World is one of losing sight of portion sizes. At the time, I thought it was great having all this ‘free food’…pasta, rice, lean meats, veg etc etc. However, the few stones I’d lose at SW always came back, with some extra poundage, and that was so depressing after working so hard to lose the weight.

Looking back I believe that part of the reason (and I think there are many) is that SW did not teach me portion control. Having seen SW members posting pictures of their food, I can see I am not the only one to lose sight of what a normal sized portion looks like.

Whenever I cook pasta now, I use a handful of pasta which is plenty. I also like to remind myself of normal sizes by taking a look at supermarket ‘meals for one’ as when on a diet, I used to think these ‘meals for one’ were tiny, but now I realise that they are a normal size portion and it wasn’t them, it was me!




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