Is it time to be unfaithful?

Is it time to be unfaithful?

Do you faithfully return to your slimming club of choice every January? Do you half starve yourself all day, queue up, take off your jewellery and belt, get weighed and then either nip off or take a seat and wait for your turn to speak, clap the same old people losing the same old half a pound and listen to those who, despite declaring they have been 100% on the plan, put on weight that week.

I went to slimming clubs for years and apart from the excitement of getting a sticker or winning a basket of fruit for being Slimmer of the Week, the above pretty much sums my 25 years of experience. Actually, I won club Slimmer of the Year once. However, I didn’t know it was coming and having weighed myself at home for the hundredth time that week, realised I’d put on weight, I bunked off in favour of Pizza Express. I got my sash but my flowers had died by the time of the following week’s class and not long after that, all the 3.5 stone I’d lost, piled back on.

Then in 2015, I found FATnosis. 1-2-1 motivation and support, inspiration, aspiration, fun, laughter and long term weight loss. Being unfaithful paid dividends, you should try it!

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