From Couch to 5K and from None To Run

From Couch to 5K and from None To Run

Today my beginner runners, who I should now stop calling beginners, did their first Parkrun. Some had finished their C25K programme and others are still part way through the None To Run. My goal for the C25K group was for them to run the entire 5k and for my None To Runs it was to run at least the first 3k and then walk/run the remaining 2k. All achieved those goals and 3 of my None To Run group ran the entire 5k!

Some of these people had never run before and most of them were struggling to run for 30 seconds just 10 weeks ago.

Again this proves that if you can walk, you can run. You just need to build slowly and get out 3 times a week. If you want support and guidance my free virtual run programme starts tomorrow in my Facebook group if you want to join me.

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