Get stuffed at Christmas!

Get stuffed at Christmas!

I have given my weight loss hypnosis clients a bit of a free ride over these 2 Christmas weeks as we all like to relax and indulge. None of them are about to go crazy as they do not want to undo all their good work and besides, their stomachs just can’t take as much stuffing as they used to.

Having 2 weeks which are a bit more 60/40 than 80/20 is not the end of the world as there are another 50 weeks in the year to be 80/20. And that is what FATnosis is about, getting your head in the right place so that you eat sensibly most of the time and lose weight and keep it off. Simples!

If you want my help to do just that, contact me for more details. I don’t bite but I do get results!

PS. You don’t need to live near Peterborough to get my help as we can conduct the sessions over Skype.




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