2 Special offers for 2018 starters…..

2 Special offers for 2018 starters…..

I have 2 Early Bird offers for anyone who wants to lose weight for good the FATnosis way – as featured in the Daily Mirror.

The offers are open to people who pay in full to start anytime from 29 December 2017 until 1 February 2018. I will only be taking on a limited number of clients as the programme is personalised and intensive and I want to be sure you get my full attention.  As such, the offer is strictly limited. Please email me for more details if you are undecided. I don’t bite but I do get results!


Early Bird Option 1: a straightforward 15% discount making the total price for the 6 week VIP programme delivered by Skype at £403.75

Early Bird Option 2: pay the full price of £475 but have my support for an extra 6 months after the 6 week programme finishes. Support will include text messaging and occasional Skype sessions to keep you motivated but will only be available if you continue to lose weight at a rate of no less than 5lbs per calendar month. If you fail to lose at least 5lbs in any one calendar month, the extra support will cease and no refund will be given.

FATnosis – hates fat, loves you!

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