Coming off medication – what a result!

Coming off medication – what a result!

Setting aspirational goals is key to successful long term weight loss.

One of my goals was to be able to buy normal sized clothes. I was wearing a stretchy jersey material size 22 at Christmas 2007, 10 years later, I’m wearing a rather more fitted black dress in a size 12 from Coast.

A client this week checked his blood pressure while on our Skype session and he was so amazed by the reading, he took it again to be sure. It had reduced considerably along with his waistline for which he had to buy a new suit for his Christmas works events as his current suit was already too big – this is after just a few weeks on FATnosis.

How amazing will it be if the doctor is able to take him off his blood pressure tablets?!

THIS is why I love FATnosis – real people, real results. What do YOU want to achieve?

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