From Comfort Eater to Yummy Mummy! – Emma’s story

From Comfort Eater to Yummy Mummy!  – Emma’s story

I just want to say just how blooming proud I am of my wonderful niece Emma. We lost my nephew last year at just 39 years old as sadly, he didn’t get the heart transplant he desperately needed. His widow Emma, has been the bravest of souls and is doing the most fantastic job bringing up their little boy who is 3 in March.

Like many who go through such awfully sad times, Emma used food for comfort and a year or so after her loss, she found herself at her heaviest weight ever. Knowing she had to be a super fit mummy for their son, Emma set her mind on losing weight and I had the absolute pleasure in supporting her through the FATnosis programme.

She lost an incredible 9.5 pounds in her first week (although to be fair some of that was holiday weight gain as she was just back from a 2 week break) and in total, she lost just shy of 2 stone (25.5 pounds) in the 6 weeks. She is still following the 80/20 way of eating and is still losing weight and on route to being a super slim yummy mummy.

These are the photos at week 1 and week 6 – the difference is already amazing! There will be more photos when she reaches her target…. Well done Emma, I’m so proud! x

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