80/20 is all about keeping food simple

80/20 is all about keeping food simple

Does counting calories, weighing food or adding up points or syns stress you out? Even if it doesn’t, all those things certainly make you think more about food. And if you are thinking more about food, you will have a harder time taking CONTROL over what you eat.

I read a comment on a diet page this week which said “my calorie limit for the day is 1500. I’d made it all the way to the evening and only had 1200 so I treated myself to a cake, it was delicious, how great is that”. Err not great at all in my opinon.

So much right there in that sentence sums up some of the problems with diets.

If you set a strict limit for calories/syns/points, chances are you will eat up to that limit. With 80/20, that person would have just gone to bed without a further thought of food. They would have not eaten the calories which would obviously increase weight loss and more importantly,  would mean they are building long term healthy non food-obsessive habits which would keep weight off for the long term.

80/20 + Mindset Programming + Motivational Support = FATnosis

FATnosis = long term weight loss success



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