What does a naturally slim person eat for lunch?

What does a naturally slim person eat for lunch?

My boss is naturally slim but is not shy in heading for the cakes when they arrive in the office. Is he one of those super humans who can apparently eat what they want and still stay slim/lose weight?

Erm no, coz those people don’t actually exist. Its more the case that he can indulge in a bit of office cake (20%) without inches being added to his waistline because he eats normally for most (80%) of the time. He is not immune to the basic science of calories in, calories out and nor are you.

Just to confirm the fact, I sneaked a peak at his lunch….a small sandwich, a small cake bar plus grapes, strawberries, a satsuma, carrot sticks and a chunk of cucumber. That is how slim people do it – there is no magic – just sensible eating 80/20 style.




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