What excuses do you use?

What excuses do you use?

People will often comment that they can’t lose weight or can’t run. Some people may have genuine reasons but in the most part, people are fat because they simply eat too much and they are unfit because they take the option of sitting on the sofa when they could be getting out and about.

Today it was cold and very rainy. I could very easily have used the excuse that it was too cold and rainy to run but I didn’t.  I got out of bed, got into my run gear and drove over to Parkrun and did 5k. After that, I met with one of my beginner runners for an extra session as they can’t make tomorrow’s scheduled group session. She could have used the rain and the fact she couldn’t make the group session as excuses but she didn’t. She is Just Flippin Doing It and well done her.

As for me, I looked like a beetroot faced drowned rat after but do I care? Hell no, coz I ran 5k and feel great!


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