A cure for Type 2 diabetes?

A cure for Type 2 diabetes?

Many people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight.

It is reported that diabetes costs the NHS over £9bn per year and unless the obesity trend is reversed it is estimated that the cost will rise to nearly £17bn over the next 25 years* – almost 20% of the overall NHS budget!

They are extraordinary figures and its no wonder then that gastric band surgery and the like have become available on the NHS as the cost to operate is seen as a cheaper and more sustainable option for the NHS budget.

The good news is that more research is emerging to suggest that Type 2 diabetes is at least reversible and potentially, curable. Given that many Type 2 diabetics are overweight, this makes complete sense. A recent report published in the BMJ (Beating Type 2 diabetes into remission – September 2017), suggests that both patients and doctors may be unaware that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed with weight loss.

If you suffer from Type 2 and think weight loss could help you come off your meds (with GP approval of course) but you lack the motivation to lose and maintain a weight loss, then FATnosis could just be your answer to a happier, longer and healthier life for you and your family. Drop me a mail at nononsensenona@gmail.com or call me on 07484 745006 to discuss.


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