Do you want to lose weight the FATnosis way?

Have you struggled to stick to diets? Yes! Are you fed up with being overweight? Yes! Do you wish you could wear smaller clothes? Yes!

If your answer is yes to any of those, you are not alone. Figures suggest 95% of people who lose weight, put it back on. Why is this? It is because diets do not deal with your mindset. In fact, they generally do the opposite by making you become obsessed with food, calorie counting, points and syns to the point food becomes disproportionately important to you. Food should be enjoyed and used as a fuel to make your body feel and look good. It should not be the focus of your day.

I specialise in supporting obese men and women to lose weight and become a better version of themselves without dieting. Some people want to lose weight for themselves, some for their partner or future partner and some to be a better role model for their children. Whatever the motivation, I can teach you how to use it to spur you to success!

My FATnosis 1-2-1 programme is proven to get results. Based on advanced hypnotherapy techniques, it focuses on you, your goals and your future success. Its not cheap as it involves a shed load of input from me over 6 weeks. However, as I want to help as many people as possible to live a happier and healthier life, I am developing a 6 week on line health and fitness programme which combines some of the proven FATnosis techniques plus masses of motivation for fitness as well as healthy recipes ideas. Look out for The No Diet Club coming soon.

The FATnosis 6 week VIP programme has been developed by TV weight loss expert and clinical hypnotherapist Steve Miller. Steve is regularly featured in the national media and is known for his sometimes controversial views on fat. I was personally trained by Steve to deliver this dynamic weight loss programme. I know it works as I lost 5 stone on it myself and now my clients are seeing similar results. If I can do it after years of being what Steve would call ‘a massive fatty’, you absolutely can too!

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